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  • Varroa Mites on Bees
    What are Varroa Mites? Varroa mites are tiny red-brown parasites that need honey bees as hosts to survive and multiply. They are external parasites whose entire life cycle occurs within … Read more
  • Do Bees Like Rosemary?
    Do you have bees or are curious about them? Bees play a lot of useful roles in the environment. As part of their daily tasks, bees need to collect nectar … Read more
  • Do Bees Like Marigolds?
    Maybe you have bees or marigolds at your house. And maybe you are looking for ways to attract or repel bees from your garden. Whatever situation you are in, you … Read more
  • 15 Flowers Bees Like The Most
    Not only are they the source of honey, but bees are also the most important pollinators. There is no way we can live without these tiny, fuzzy beings. We need … Read more
  • Do Bees Like Lilies?
    Belonging to the family Liliaceae, lilies are native to temperate areas of the Northern hemisphere. This perennial plant has flowers consisting of six petal-like segments with an elongated tube. They … Read more
  • 11 Best Bedding Plants for Bees
    Ensuring your garden has a good mix of flowering plants is essential for attracting bees and other pollinators that may visit your garden. The plants in our gardens provide bees … Read more